Linksys/Cisco SPA901

DSP processor, 2 MB Flash, 2 MB RAM, RTL8019AS network chip

Software architecture:

The size of the flash and RAM make this device unsuitable for running Linux. That is no problem by itself. We aim to use uIP instead, and make very small core functionality, which would be impossible with a Linux kernel. The use of this small infrastructure is that it may also apply to embedded applications, thus creating a much larger array of phone-enabled gimmicks than is currently common.

Occurrence of this PCB:

The SPA901 PCB is used in the following device models:

Components found:

Connectors found (and detailed centrally):

Re-owning this device:

This device is interesting for its choice of a Video CD processor as a main chip. To date, we have not found the technical documentation that would support reprogramming of these devices.